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N i G H T S - Basic

N i G H T S - Basic
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• N i G H T S

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• Picture by Ian Froome

• Lyrics

Verse 1:
Confidence your thing, naturally you find a way
Rock your hips and make them wait
Walking down the street one day
Flow and make them sexy faces, places
Made em feel type of ways
Feeling faithless, they basic
Never let them take away, you do your thing

People talking let them hate
Brand new partment decorate
All the time you dedicate
Look at what you generating, they hating
Probably from the mess you made and
We faded grenaded, uber in the Exculade

Pre Chorus :
She's far from basic
Walks inside the room and gets those faces
Makes these other bitches want a facelift
Damn the way she do it catching cases
Far from basic

Verse 2 :
Lies, just to fascinate the high
I see lust inside your eyes
Lick you down to see you break
Trust me girl no hesitating, we blazing
Begging me for a stay, your so crazy, so crazy
Always gotta get your way, you do your thing

Luggage picked up at valet
Order steak in sante fe
You're too beautiful to wait
Dropped off bags at concierge and, they hating
Middle of an escapade and we faded, grenaded
Uber in the Exculade

Pre Chorus :
She's far from basic
Walks inside the room and gets those faces
Makes these other bitches want a facelift
Damn the way she do it catching cases
Far from basic

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Loku : Where are you from?

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Basic Trailer - 2003 HQ

the movie trailer for basic starring john travolta and samuel l. jackson.
Patrick O'Donnell : Sickening movie
Ham AlA : The truth is, the movie, right at the start, precisely at minute 4:00 shows a gunfire skirmish, that's to fire and regroup or repositioning.

Thus, unluckily what killed Sargent Muller wasn't the fire exchange with Pike or else. It was another Armed Forces Man, totally equipped, looked like Tom Hardy, though the angle of the camera from the chopper proves none of this, what proves Pike could not do it was, he returned firing while a complete injured man on his shoulder, so the accuracy of his pointing gone all to the ground.

To believe it further, check out the full movie, minute 04:00.

At the end of it, West was pulled off by Hardy, that's the confession at the end of the movie, a proof for this found in the shower scene, the whole scene showed a man in a horrible long night condition, with a gun placed and tryin to collect self by counting till 6 before answering the phone
jupiter : This movie is a fucking masterpiece, sooo underated.
Dadding AllDay : Great movie
Odio Tutti : Confusing Movie ...

How To Make The Travis Scott Burger

Today I show you how to make McDonald's Travis Scott Burger. This is the official recipe that is used by all McDonald's stores across the globe. This recipe tastes identical to the one sold at McDonald's. Is the Travis Scott burger not available in your country? Or is it sold out at your local store? No worries! Make it for yourself at home in a couple minutes. Enjoy!

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gameplay kid , : I wonder how much time it takes to clean it all up
Dhani Bux Shah : Let memes aside, this man is wasting food now
Another Old Fan of Dragon Ball (Saki-San) : ¿Y cuál es la pvta gracias de esto?
Lorna M Iglesia : Its funny how he made a perfect burger and ruins it with V bucks




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