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Do Altoids Survival Kits Actually Work?

Ben prepares an Altoids Survival Kit for Tim at EverydayTacticalVids to find out if they actually work. Start your own kit here:\u0026utm_medium=yt%20main\u0026utm_campaign=2017vu\u0026utm_term=do%20altoids%20survival%20kits%20actually%20work

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✅ How To Use Original Altoids Peppermint Mints Review

How To Use Original Altoids Peppermint Mints Review
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Original Altoids Peppermint Mints

Contains twelve (12) 1.76-ounc pocket-size tins of ALTOIDS Peppermint Flavor Breath Mints
CURIOUSLY STRONG: ALTOIDS Curiously Strong Peppermint Mints pack all the curiously strong flavor you expect from Altoids in a sharp, pepperminty mint.. These curiously strong peppermint mints bring you cool, fresh breath with an added punch of peppermint
CURIOUSLY VERSATILE: It's not just our signature, reusable tins that bring versatility to the table. ALTOIDS Curiously Strong Peppermint Mints can be used to freshen breath, add a sharp burst of flavor as a decoration for baked goods or as an ice-breaker.
CURIOUSLY ALTOIDS: Like all our curious mints, ALTOIDS Curiously Strong Peppermint Mints come in easy to pack, sturdy tins, that keep our cool, flavorful mints fresh longer. Perfect for packing in a purse, tossing in a briefcase or throwing in a backpack.
CURIOUSLY TRADITIONAL: Since 1780, ALTOIDS Mints has been providing Americans with their curiously strong mints. They're still curiously strong, and now that curious strength comes in a variety of flavors.
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Made in Chattanooga: Altoids

By: Latricia Thomas  A curiously strong flavor helped pave the way for Altoids to become the number one mint in the United States. And while they may have gotten their start in the United Kingdom, employees of the local Wrigley factory are proud that they are now made right here in Chattanooga at the Jersey Pike facility. "When Wrigley purchased Altoids, they moved them to Chattanooga to save on the environment and save money on transporting them to the United States," says Wales native Anne Mahoney. She came across the pond with the curiously strong mints, that were first marketed to relieve sour stomach. "They asked if I would come to set up the equipment and that was six years ago because I love Chattanooga so much."They may not actually help your health, but your breath? That's another story that starts with a gelatin and sugar mix. "We make a sheet almost like a biscuit or a dough then it gets mixed with the flavors and other things," says plant manager Bruce Verburg. "Then it comes out in a big loaf and it's sheeted like a rolling pin, and then we have cookie cutters that make that circle that everyone knows and loves with Altoids." Then its onto the conveyer belt for drying, until the mints are filtered into those signature shiny tins. "The tins are opened, the iconic paper is placed, the mints are placed into the empty tin, and on the other side the tins are closed," Verburg says. Then they are ready to be boxed and packaged, before Wrigley ships the strongly-scented sweet that never wears out it's welcome all over the world.And it's not just what's inside those tins that have built a huge fan base for Wrigley. Consumers have found all kinds of uses for the tin itself, like hand-held works of art, or even an emergency wilderness stove.




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